Dr Bharat Agravat National Patients Reviews

Patient Name: Mr. N. Barua
Place: Assam
Treatment: Root canal treatment, Root piece Extraction, Fixed Bridge,
Impaction (Surgical Removal of Wisdom tooth).

I am very happy after my Wisdom Tooth removed .I have also Undergone the treatment like root piece removal and root canal treatment. This was A Surgical Process but Sterilization is maintained very well .Every thing was neat and cleaned. . I have replaced my missing teeth with Fixed Bridge. Dr Agravat has got very skilled Hand. I am very satisfied with treatment given.
N. Barua

Patient Name: Mrs. V. K. Gupta
Place: New Delhi
Treatment: Bleaching (Tooth Whitening).
I was suffering from Florosis (Brown stains. and Cheep up Of Enamel). I was Feeling Uncomfortable While Smiling or even talking .But after the treatment I can present my self confidently. Now I have Beautiful Smile.
In short he is good doctor for dental care

Patient Name: Mr. Bhimsing G. Gujjar
Place: Gwaliar
Treatment: Ceramic Veneer in Front teeth.
I had minor cracks on my front teeth .Because of this I was lacking in confidence and could not smile properly. But after Ceramic Veneer now I am happy and confident. I can present my self much better.

Patient Name: Harsh Patel
Place: Ahmedabad.
Treatment: Alignment of Crooked teeth by Orthotreament.
I had crooked front teeth. I was not able to maintain proper oral hygiene. .Dr. Agravat and his associate doctors corrected my problem by orthotretment…Dr. Agravat has got very good panel of doctors. Now I can maintain the hygiene properly. “I am grateful for the World class facility provided to me at Dr. Agravat’s Clinic

Patient Name: Mr. Ashutosh Bhatt
Place: Mumbai
Treatment: : Root Canal Treatment with Pin Retained Restoration and Precious Metal free Ceramic Crown.
My front tooth was badly carious. Many dentist Refused to save the tooth .But Dr. Agravat saved my tooth and restored it with Pin retained restoration and Precious Metal free ceramic crown. In Dr. Agravat’s Multyspecialty Dental Clinic I experienced the World-Class Treatment Facility and guidance also.

With Thanks
A. S. Bhatt