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Fix Over Denture clinic in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

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Fix Hybrid bridge Denture clinic in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Dr Bharat Agravat’s Denture Stabilization Clinic since 1999

Dr Bharat Agravat’s dentures are enhanced fitting, more comfortable, and look like real teeth. Well-fitting dentures should give you the self-confidence you had with your beautiful smile.

A New Technique and State-of- the-art Technology for an Old Procedure. Digital technology, advanced techniques and new dental materials have combined to create superior dentures that allow you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

The Advantages/Benefits of the Dentures

> Dentures replace missing teeth require shortest treatment time and Easier to make adjustments.

> Provides a fuller face appearance also improve in esthetic and functional.

> Enhanced ability to chew

> Improve in speeches due to gaps between tooth and missing teeth.

> Protects remaining natural teeth from wear and tear

> Easy maintenance for proper cleaning and brushing

Pictures of dentures before and after

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Why choose Dr Bharat Agravat for Denture?

18th year experienced, Award winner Cosmetic Implantologist Ahmedabad, India:
  • Denture Stabilization Clinic Since 1999
    For loose ill-fitting dentures, best effective options are dental implants supported over denture or hybrid denture.
  • Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures
    BPS dentures come with certificate from Ivoclar vivadent Germany. Extremely attractive aesthetics & durable dentures.
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Let’s talk about Denture

Dentures Option

Types of Denture

Mainly Two types of dentures available…..

1.Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing,

2.Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth persist.

*Full sets of Dentures

*Acrylic partial dentures

*Cast Partial Denture – Chrome cobalt or titanium with either valplast or acrylic

*Valplast Partial Flexible Dentures

*Hybrid Dentures – Chrome cobalt or titanium with Implant supported Dentures

*Overdentures – Mini Implant supported Dentures

*Immediate Dentures or Temporary Dentures: For example where a person all teeth have to be extracted or removed, temporary or immediate dentures are used to allow the gums, jaw bone extracted socket to heal and the facial muscles to be trained for wearing dentures, Speaking and chewing food. This doings as a temporary while your permanent dentures are being made-up.

BPS® Denture

People who are very high quality-conscious and extremely concerned about their dentures looking natural and want nothing but the best, then BPS® dentures are right for you.

Benefits of BPS Dentures

BPS or Biofunctional Prosthetic System provides a set of complete dentures which are….

BPS Denture clinic in Ahmedabad_ Gujarat, India** Extremely attractive aesthetics dentures

** Certify optimum fitting

** Extraordinary comfort

** Easy care

** Durability

** Very functional

The BPS® Dentures Process

BPS dentures in ahmedabad gujarat, certificate from Ivoclar vivadent GermanyAt the heart of the BPS denture process only certified Dentist and dental technicians are authorized to fabricate BPS dentures. Utilizing high technology instrumentation is used to record all facial information, to recreate the character of smile and restore the natural shape of lips and facial muscles.

There’s essentially a two-step impression process, with preliminary impressions used to manufacture custom impression trays that ensure optimal impressions. Advanced articulators simulate your bite so we are able to develop and fit dentures in a dynamic setup that mimics your natural bite. Detailed data structures ensure this information reaches the BPS dental lab accurately, and they use precise manufacturing techniques to convert the impressions into the final denture.

Get Your BPS®  Dentures Appointment Schedule

First Appointment:

Take the first Preliminary Impressions. These PI are used to making the custom impression tray.

Second Appointment:

Take more detailed Final Impressions. These FI are essential to ensure the appropriate fit of the BPS dentures.

Third Appointment:

We Record a Maxilla-Mandibular relationship.

Forth Appointment:

Give you try in teeth set in a wax rim of your future final dentures. This final trial allows me to make any required corrections. Then you can give me feedback about your look and appearance of teeth size, shape and color.

Fifth Appointment:

Deliver your BPS dentures with certificate from Ivoclar vivadent Germany.

Note: In BPS denture final adjustments is rarely required.

Lower Suction Denture

Does your lower denture loose, ill-fitting, lift, float or drop out?

You may be a candidate for a lower suction denture!

The perfect way to complete suction of the full lower denture combination of the theory of suction mechanism into the efficient Biofunctional Prosthetic System. Fabrication procedure will promise an extraordinary success rate in achieving lower denture suction.

Lower Suction Denture clinic in Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaDr. Jiro Abe Prosthodontist in Japan has developed an innovative new technique to achieve improved the effectiveness of suction on lower dentures!

These lower suction dentures are extremely more biocompatible than normal conventional dentures. We have certified dental technicians are authorized to fabricate BPS dentures. Deliver your BPS dentures with certificate from Ivoclar vivadent Germany.

Fix Over denture

Dr Bharat Agravat Denture Stabilization Clinic since 1999. For loose ill-fitting dentures, best effective options are dental implants supported over denture or hybrid denture.

Types of Fixed Dentures…

  1. Ball-Socket fixed Dentures.
  2. Metal Bar Supported fixed dentures
  3. Metal bar supported denture with immediate Implant loading.
  4. Hybrid Fixed Dentures.
  5. Mini dental implants fixed denture without operation

Ball-Socket fixed Dentures  

Fix Over Denture clinic in Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaIn this there are 2 titanium implant stud placed in the canine region under local anesthesia. Then wait for 3 months for healing of implant with bone. The old removable denture can be wear in this period by trimming at the implant area and applying soft liner. After that the ball attachment is attached to the dental implant and the socket attaches to the denture.  

Advantages: 1) Affordable low cost. 2) Keeps old denture in place   Disadvantage: 1) The Major disadvantage of this denture is it used only in a lower jaw arch. 2) Require long healing period of 3 months. 3) It can slightly rock on the dental implant axis  

Metal Bar Supported fixed dentures  

Bar attachment fixed Dentures require two dental implants ahmedabad, indiaIn the lower jaw 2 dental implants are placed and 2 in the upper jaw at anterior region of the jaw. Implants require 3 months’ time to fuse with the jawbone. During this period old removable denture can be wear by trimming at the implant area and applying soft liner. After healing is completed a small incision is made on gums to expose a dental implant and an Impression is taken. The impression goes to the dental laboratory where the dental technician makes an overdenture which connects the dental implant with a metal bar.    

Advantages:   1) The metal bar system stabilizes the overdenture placed over it without rocking. 2) The implants to stabilize one another, so they can last for a lifelong. 3) The upper denture can be horseshoe-shaped because the vacuum effect is not needed. 4) The palate is left uncovered for the sense of heat, cold and taste is better. 5) No nausea. 6) Compare to other fixed dentures, this one can be worn at night.  

Disadvantage: Little expensive because Upper & Lower 4 implant is needed and technical framework metal bar requires.  

Metal bar supported denture with immediate loading 4 dental Implant    

Metal bar supported denture with immediate loading 4 dental Implant ahmedabad indiaFixed Denture in 3-5 days.   If patient’s edentulous jaw bone site is thick, healthy and strong enough which is confirmed by Denta scan CBCT x-ray and also during the implantation procedure. At the same time the metal bar supported denture measurement can be taken and send it to the dental laboratory where dental technician will make a metal bar. After 4 days the patient can chew with the ready denture which is fixed through the metal bar supported by implants.  

Advantages: This procedure does not require a long healing period.  

Disadvantage:   Depends on the patient’s edentulous jaw bone site and condition of bone.

Fix Hybrid Denture

All on four is simply a treatment option for replacing all of your teeth on the upper or the lower with just four dental implants. It is possible to replace all of your teeth in just 1 day.

Step by Step All on 4 dental implants Procedure by cosmetic implants dentist bharat agravat ahmedabad india

All on 4 Dental Implants supported Fix Hybrid Denture Patient Testimonial Videos Reviews from London UK..

Read more : Dr Agravat One Day Dental Implants Clinic since 1999  >>

The Journey to The New Life With Denture

What Is The Procedure And Expectation When Receive Your Dentures

Deciding to get dentures is the starting of your journey toward a more beautiful and confident life. You need to know some important things for getting denture

Get Ready Your Mouth The removable or fix denture process usually takes about five visit to dental clinic. If you decide immediate dentures, dr Bharat agravat will make your impressions before extracting teeth. Impression taken is a very major step in the procedure because your dentures must rest firmly against your gums, in starting you feel discomfort it should subside after a couple days.

Mock Up Your Dentures Dr Agravat will mock-up your dentures from an impression of your mouth and work with you to choose your tooth shape, color and size

Experiencing Your First Fitting Of Denture Once you get dentures, dentist Bharat Agravat will have you try them on and wear them until your jaw bone will heal and gums becomes firms. In this period slightly adjustment made.

Advice To Make Ready Yourself For Dentures

> Wearing dentures until your jaw bone will heal and gums becomes firms. In this period slightly adjustment made. This is absolutely normal.

> You’ll need to remove denture at night and clean your dentures by soft brush every day.

> You have to take soft diet for few days.

How to adjust with Your New Dentures

Denture specialist Dr Bharat Agravat will make every effort to help you meet the challenge with denture and satisfy your expectations. Since my 18 years practice I have seen some of the challenges described below can be overcome with denture stabilization.

A denture is a foreign things so it cannot match the perfect feel and use of your natural teeth. It will give you different sensation after a few days you will be get used. Some patients fell the experience of wearing a new denture to be below challenges…….

“Will power, Time and Acceptance”

> In beginning, dentures often will feel odd and bulky and will cause a feeling of fullness of the mouth.

> You may also experience slurred speech, gagging, excessive salivation and alter taste.

After a time, these feelings will subside and you will feel comfortable. “Will power, Time and Acceptance wii help you.

How to Chew with Your New Dentures

> Start with soft foods for some days and then take regular foods.

> Chew on both sides of your mouth and also use denture adhesive for some days.

> Don’t use front teeth for biting and cutting foods as it may displace your dentures.

Learning to chew with new dentures takes time, after period of times you will used to with your new denture.

New Denture wearer facing Problem like Ulcer/Sore

> It is common to feel sore places on your gums as you adjust to your new dentures.

> If you develop a sore spot, rinse your mouth with warm water and visit to the denture specialist as require for a denture few adjustment.


>  In beginning you may wearing your dentures day and night.

>  After you have become adjust with your new denture, you should take them out at night and keep it in water bowl.

>  Make a good cleaning routine habit.

How to adjust new dentures, Tips, Pain and Problem Solution

Living with Dentures, The All Day Guide to Eating

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How to Clean Your Dentures.

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Caring for Your Dentures

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