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Our Journeys to Straighter Teeth since 1999…

Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bharat Agravat is the India’s leading certified clear aligner’s provider and has completed more cases than any other dentist or orthodontist in the India. If you’re looking for an Invisible braces dentist in Ahmedabad, Dr Agravat will be pleased to help offer you personalized advice and recommendations about how you could benefit from the amazing benefits which invisible braces can now offer anyone looking for teeth straightening treatments. Invisible Braces Process Require only 1 day visit If the patient stays out of Ahmedabad or India the invisible braces aligners can be shipped to the patient’s doorstep.


Invisible Clear Braces Video Reviews On Cost, Pros & Cons, Experience, Before & After.

Metal Braces Vs Invisible Clear Braces Patient Stories Video Review.

Invisible Braces for Teenager to Adults.

Getting metal braces for teen is not favorable things to do with school, games and hanging out with friends. With clear braces, you can straighten your teeth without metal braces and wires. That means you can still do all that things that make these best time of most enjoyable part of life.
Indian adults who wanted to have straighter teeth, but at this stage in adult life, metal braces are not choice most adults ready to consider. Dr Bharat Agravat offers you the convenience and flexibility to live life without the disturbance associated with traditional metal braces treatment. Start clear braces treatment and enjoy a beautiful celebrity like smile.
Clear braces are made of almost transparent plastic. In fact, you will be amazed to find most of people cannot even notice you are going through clear braces treatment. So not have to feel uncomfortable about your look. One thing people will notice, however, is that you will smile a whole lot more.

Benefits of the 21st Century Clear Aligner wonder.
Are you a Foodie?
Now you don’t have to avoid the goodies! Just remove the invisible braces and eat on whatever you want.
Clear braces for Teenager to Adults
With invisible braces it’s never too late to get the smile you always dream of!
Smile Your best in those any special occasions….
Now you Smile any special ceremony like marriage, Birthday celebration, School/Collage convocation, Dating, valentine Day And capture everyone with your Gorgeous smile.
No problem taking care of your pearly whites teeth
Just remove the clear aligner & brush or floss your teeth.
Don’t let the romance die
When you straight your teeth.
Clear aligner don’t come between
You and your hobbies.
During Sports activity?
No worries with invisible braces.


Perhaps you have always wondered about benefiting from teeth alignment, but are concerned about the visual appearance of wearing traditional metal wire braces?
Clear braces provide a completely discrete, comfortable and highly effective alternative, since they are virtually undetectable. Straight your teeth at home by transparent clear braces Invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, virtually invisible clear aligners.

What are Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces?

Clear Aligners are substitute to traditional braces and are made to help guide teeth into their real position. Like braces, clear aligners also use a tool that controls tooth movement, but without those ugly metal braces. The aligners are made of a medical grade plastic material and are designed to fit each individual’s mouth. If a number of aligners are made, each aligner moves the teeth a little till the final desired positions are achieved.

Invisible Braces are supposed to be worn for at least of minimum 20 hours a day to reach the desired results. Each aligner is worn for two weeks before switching to the next one. The length of treatment with dental aligners depends upon the complexity of the case. Normally, aligner treatment can be as short as three months or as long as 15 months as well. But inspite of this, it is a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

There are several benefits to using clear aligners:

  • No Bracket
  • No Metal Wire
  • An individual
  • Painless
  • No need to monthly dentist visit for tighten wire
  • Clear aligners are removable, so it is easier to brush and floss after meals
  • Clear aligners are easier to maintain and clean
  • Clear aligners are comfortable and do not irritate your gums and cheeks
  • Invisible: Clear aligners show off your smile, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
  • Removable: It’s easy to remove aligners and eat whatever you like. There are no wires to trap food or get in the way when you floss.
  • Made in America: USFDA, ISO certified and approved. It is also approved by TGA (Australia) and Medsafe (New Zealand)

How do Clear Aligners work? (Infographic)

Invisible Braces are a substitute to traditional braces that are used to move the teeth and alter your smile without much intervention to your daily routine life. These are removable trays made of a clear plastic which is nearly invisible.

When using aligners, a series of slightly different trays are tailor-made in order to fit over your teeth. You must wear each one for a period of 20 hours a day for two weeks before switching to the next in the line. The aligners are computer generated, fabricated by top notch techniques that based on models and images of your own teeth.

Step by step treatment procedure of Invisible Braces…

Note: The Invisible Braces Process Require only 1 day. If the patient stays out of Ahmedabad, the invisible braces aligners can be shipped to the patient’s doorstep.

  • First Consultation with the cosmetic dentist bharat agravat for examination, diagnosis and understand treatment program. He explains the pros and con’s involved in treatment with Invisible Braces, the duration, clear braces cost. If need for perfect treatment plan, Dr Bharat Agravat will direct u for investigation to the diagnostic center for digital x-rays.
  •  Same day appointment Patient should bring their OPG and Lateral cephalogram x-rays.
  • After the patient is convinced for invisible braces an accurate impressions of the patient is made with special impression materials called silicone rubber base impression.
  • The impressions are sent to the laboratory for computerized 3D scanning and planning how the teeth should be expected to look like at each stage. An approximation of the movement of your teeth by computer aided design software. At this stage the patient will have to pay at least 50 % of the total treatment clear braces cost.
  • After 3 to 5 days a virtual set-up, a review of your before and after treatment and final result planning, is sent to the patient by email for examination, if necessary on seeing which the patient will get an idea as to whether the treatment is as desired by the patient and the dentist doctor.
  • Then once the patient “call proceed”, the creation of the customized invisible aligners will be started which will. Virtual molds of your teeth at each stage of treatment. At this stage the patient must complete the remaining payment.
  • The aligners will be received from the laboratory within 3 to 5 weeks. Wearing each aligner for about two weeks

Comparison between Invisible braces and Metal braces

Metal braces vs Invisible Clear braces

Invisible Clear Braces

Traditional Metal Braces

  1. Invisible
  2. Removable
  3. Transparent and almost invisible to the naked eye
  4. Reduced chair side time.
  5. No need of routine dental clinic visit so for a wire tightening.
  6. Maintenance of Oral hygiene is easy.
  7. You can remove your clear braces when you eat, drink, brush and floss
  8. Final Result can be visualized before treatment start
  1. Visible
  2. Non Removable
  3. Metal Braces & Wire Visible.
  4. Require more chair side time.
  5. Have to come at dental clinic every 3 to 4 weeks.
  6. Difficult to maintain oral hygiene because of fixed metal braces.
  7. Feeling uncomfortable when you eat, drink, brush and floss
  8. Final Result cannot be visualized

Cost of Invisible Braces

The latest update is that most peoples are satisfyingly amazed to find out that the cost of clear braces orthodontic treatment is usually comparable to the cost of traditional bracket & wire braces.

Of course, Dr Bharat Agravat will be able to fully determine your treatment cost, which is based on your exact requirements. These reasons can include the difficulty of your case, how long your treatment time duration will take. Even your age can have an effect on the price of treatment. The cost of invisible braces treatment ranges from 90,000/- to 2,50,000/- INR.

Remember to consider about the advantages of clear braces!

  • Having straight teeth could help you to improve your self-confidence and looks.
  • Straighter teeth are beneficial for your better oral health.
  •  And who knows, with that entire beautiful smile you’re going to do, it might lead to the perfect job or mate!

Another way to cover the invisible braces cost is to pay with a credit card. Our dental clinic Ahmedabad accepts a variety of credit cards as a convenience for patients.

Invisible Braces Patient Financing easy EMI Plans

We are always looking for the most accessible dental treatment financing solution so that you can access required oral care if you cannot afford the dental services up front. So we have flexible payment option available to our valued dental patients. Easy monthly installments up to 12 months.

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Real results: invisible braces video testimonials/Reviews

Since 1999, many of people have successfully straightened their teeth with Dr Bharat Agravat. Here are a few of them.


Invisible braces pictures before after  >>

Clear braces pictures before after  >>

Invisible Braces Retainer >>

People who are going for clear braces treatment choose it because of its invisibility so traditional retainers with wires are not advisable. So usually a clear retainer that looks similar to the invisible clear aligners is given. It is made of a more long-lasting material.

Invisible braces pros and cons >>


Invisible braces are nearly unnoticeable, so people can’t define that you going through orthodontic treatment and you can remove them for eating, brushing and for social events and easy to maintain oral hygiene comparative to traditional braces. Invisible braces will not irritate or injure cheek or lips like traditional braces.


Patient’s compliance is must as Invisible braces must be worn for the suggested 22 hours per day for perfect result and on time finish of treatment. Patient’s compliance is less of an issue as traditional braces are fixed and can only be removed by dentist.

Invisible Braces Frequently Asked Questions … FAQ >>

Answers to popular invisible dental braces questions, with information, what is Invisalign, The cost of invisible braces is approximately the same or higher than and what are the benefits of the Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Find out more about the new way of straightening your teeth today.


Important Universal Advises                       

  1. Every one aligner has to be worn for exactly 2 weeks.
  2. Every one aligner has to be worn all throughout the day except during meals and brushing. At least 22 hours wearing is necessary for perfect result.
  3. In incident of loss, damage or breakage of invisible braces, please report to Dr Bharat Agravat immediately.

Clear Braces Aligner Insertion step by step procedure

  1. Be assured you have the proper invisible braces aligner
    1.  Upper for the top teeth
    2.  Lower for bottom teeth.
  2. When inserting each aligner,
    1. Gently push the aligners over your front teeth.
    2. Then, apply equal pressure, using your fingertips, to the tops of your left and right back teeth till the aligner perfectly fit into proper position.
  3. If clear braces aligners don’t fit properly on teeth,
    1. Gently chew onto cotton or gauze piece to seat your aligners into proper position.
  4. If you experience major uneasiness, please contact your treating dentist immediately

Clear Braces Aligner Removal step by step procedure            

  1. Using your fingers, start on one side at the back teeth, and slowly work your way around to the other on the side.
  2. Immediately wash aligner with water, get rid of excess water, and store your aligners in the provided protective case.


  1. Do not use any sharp thing during removal of your aligners.
  2. Avoid unnecessary removal to prevent damage of aligner.
  3. Do Not use excessive force to bend or twist an aligner to get it off

Day-to-day Carefulness and Preservation of Your Clear Braces Aligners

1)      Clean your Clear braces aligners prior to every insertion. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush using water or a small amount of toothpaste.

2)      Rinse each aligner thoroughly with water after each cleaning.

Note: DO NOT soak clear aligners in mouthwash.

Proper Oral Hygiene                                    

1)      When you are eating and drinking removes your aligners, except when only drinking water.

2)      Brushing and flossing of your teeth after every meal, breakfast and food prior to re-inserting your aligners

3)      Regular oral checkups and cleaning are recommended for the constant healthiness of your teeth and gums.

Storing Your Clear Braces Aligners

  • Store your aligners in a case when not in your mouth to protect them from loss and damage.
  • Always keep the most recently used aligner’s box with yourself also in a separate case.
  • If your current aligner is lost or broken, your treating dentist needs to be called immediately and you may temporarily go back one stage and use the previous set of aligners while a replacement is being made.

Note: Keep out of reach of children and pet animals.


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