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👉About Dr. Bharat Agravat Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon setting new benchmarks of excellence with 27 distinguished awards, 25 years experienced. He is belonging from a well-known family of specialist doctors, Dr. Agravat Group. He is a Graduate from the prestigious Government Dental Collage and Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, With a American University they have now scaled new heights and achieved cutting edge knowledge with the latest in implant dentistry in the world.

👉 Clinical Mastership in Implant Dentistry from New York University USA. (Gujarat’s First)

👉 Advanced Education in Implant Dentistry at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine USA (Gujarat’s First)

👉 Min-Residency in Advanced Endodontics from University at Buffalo USA. (Gujarat’s First)

👉 Diplomate & Fellow at the International Congress of Oral Implantologist – DICOI & FICOI, USA

👉 IIM Indian Institute of Management Indore PGCP – Product Management.

👉 Fellow & Executive Council Member of Indian Society of Oral Implantologist – ISOI

👉 Ex Lecturer at Darshan Dental Collage in Udaipur, Rajasthan and Mahadevia Dental Collage Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

👉 Diplomate & Fellow at the International Congress of Oral Implantologist – DICOI & FICOI, USA

👉 Fellow & Executive Council Member of Indian Society of Oral Implantologist – ISOI

👉 Ex Lecturer at Darshan Dental Collage in Udaipur, Rajasthan and Mahadevia Dental Collage Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

– Online Externship Implant Fellowship Program with DentalXP & NYU Dentistry at Atlanta, USA. (Gujarat’s First)
– “World Records India” holder for Dental Tourism. “First Time in The World & India’s First” Dental Travel Android Mobile Apps.
– Patented Innovations in Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry related Product “One Touch Smile”
– Expert Authors from Ezine Articles USA. (India’s First)
– Former President of Indian Dental Association (IDA) and MTV Medical Association Ahmedabad India.
Accelerated Dental Learning Center (U.S.A.)

👉 Dr Bharat Agravat is an award-winning dental surgeon having received the Prestigious Award by….

– Gujarat state Governor His Excellency Krishnapal Singh,
– Gujarat state Home Minister Shri Amit Shah in year 2007,
– Gujarat state Educational Chairman Shri Suresh Patel in year 2007.
– Government Dental Collage & Hospital Dean Dr. K H Shah, Ahmedabad.
– APMC Vice Chairman Shri Hitesh Barot in year 2007.
– “YOU ARE THE PILLARS OF PERFECTION” Committed to Dental Excellence given by the President Dr. S.G. Damle Indian Dental Association in year 2006.
– Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry in year 2003.

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Best Dental Implants in Affordable Cost India

Teeth in an hour by Dr Bharat Agravat Best Cosmetic Implants Dentist in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Teeth-in-a-Day is a modern concept by Nobel Bio care, procedure that takes an hour Read more >>

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Fixed Teeth in 3 Days
IHDE Basal Dental Implants and Immediate Loading Implants by Swiss Technology … Read more>>
Fix Loose Denture Ahmedabad gujarat India
All on 4 Dental Implants  Supported Fix Denture

Immediate Loading Implants by Dr Paulo Maló technique

Metal bar supported denture with immediate loading 4 dental Implant ahmedabad india
Denture Stabilization Clinic
Loose Denture Fix, Lower, Solution, Causes, Problems, Pain, loose teeth treatment…. Read more
Facelift Fixed Dentures ahmedabad

Face-lift Fix Denture

Facelift Fixed Dentures  cost in India   >>>

Cosmetic Dentistry

direct laminate teeth veneers before after image Ahmadabad, IndiaAgravat’s Instant smile makeover In hour ahmedabad India direct laminate teeth veneers before after image Ahmadabad, India
Porcelain & Composite Veneers
Dental Veneers are hard, thin shells of tooth-colored material that can mask… Read more
zirconia dental crown cost in ahmedabad india

Zirconia Crowns

zirconia ceramic crown advantages, prepen & cost in india  >>>

zirconia dental crown cost in ahmedabad india

Emax Crowns/Cap

Whiten your teeth naturally in 15 min…

Teeth replace by Dental Bridge in dental clinic Ahmedabad India - Dr Bharat Agravat

Porcelain Crowns

Dental crown or Cap  >>>

Teeth replace by Dental Bridge in dental clinic Ahmedabad India - Dr Bharat Agravat

Dental Bridge for fix teeth

Fixed bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. >>>

Instant Smile Makeover

Get a Hollywood smile make over in Ahmedabad, India by Cosmetic dentist Dr Bharat Agravat

The Hollywood Smile

Gap in front teeth? or Crooked teeth… >>>

Bridal and Groom Dental Smile Makeover Wedding Packages by best dentist in Ahmedabad Gujarat dr Bharat agravat

Wedding Smile Makeover

bride & groom packages..


Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in 15 minutes by dr Bharat Agravat in Ahmedabad, India

Whiten Your Smile

Whiten your teeth naturally in 15 min… >>>

Selfie smile makeover cost in Ahmedabad Gujarat India by top cosmetic dentist dr Bharat agravat

Selfie Smile Makeover

Get the picture perfect for your selfie smile. >>>

Smile rejuvenation dental scaling and polishing cost in Ahmedabad India by cosmetic dentist dr Bharat agravat

Smile Rejuvenation

Smile Rejuvenation dental scaling & polishing >>>

Advanced Specialized Oral & Wellness Care

single sitting computerised root canal treatment cost in ahmedabad india
Advanced Endodontics Center

Single sitting computerized root canal treatment … Read more

laser dental treatment for periodontal disease, cost, benefits, fillings in ahmedabad india by cosmetic implants dentist india
Laser Dental Treatment
Laser dental treatment cost in ahmedabad india, laser dentistry benefits, laser dental fillings… Read more
Anti-Aging Dental Treatments Ahmedabad India, Anti-Aging Dentistry, anti aging dental, anti aging dentist dr bharat agravat
Anti- Ageing Dentistry
Older are charm to learn that the effects of aging on their smile can be easily corrected without invasive facelifts or surgery. >>>

“Welcome to Dr Agravat Advanced Dentistry in the 21st century”

Latest Dental Technology and Advanced Gadgets for Easing Dental Fears

Read more >>>

dental restorative treatment

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment – Dr Bharat Agravat use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech equipments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , radiovisuography (RVG) envision ultra modern root canals in a much better feature. Read more  >>>

Dr Bharat Agravat Dental Treatments offers Since’ 1999


Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments include:

Clear Orthodontic Aligners – Adults, as well as some teenagers, are opting for clear orthodontic aligners, instead of metal braces, to straighten their teeth. Read more >>>

Dental Implants — Generally made of titanium; an implant is used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. The implant is fitted with a dental crown to create a natural-looking replacement for the entire tooth. Read more >>>

Laser Teeth Whitening in 15 Min — A relatively economical way to brighten your smile, whitening teeth can be accomplished at home or in the dental chair. There are many products and methods from which to choose. Read more >>>

Porcelain & Composite Veneers — Designed to alternate for tooth enamel, veneers are hard, thin shells of tooth-colored material that can mask a variety of dental imperfections. Read more >>>

Porcelain Dental Crowns — deeply damaged teeth can be covered with natural-looking porcelain dental crowns, which replace more natural tooth structure than veneers. There are many products and materials from which to choose like Bruxzir crown, Emax crowns, Zirconia Crowns & 3m lava premium crowns. Read more >>>

Porcelain Dental Bridge — A missing tooth can be replaced with porcelain bridge that is attached to the natural teeth on either side of the space. There are many products and materials from which to choose like Bruxzir, Emax, Zirconia & 3m lava premium dental bridge. Read more  >>>

Inlays & Onlays — In certain cases, dental fillings can be made-up from porcelain, metal fused ceramic or gold color metal  materials in a dental laboratory to more closely match the color of a tooth. When apply to the within the tooth, they are referred to as “inlays.” Attached to the biting or occlusal surface of the tooth, they are known as “Onlays.” Read more >>>

Composite Bonding — A tooth-colored composite resin attached to the teeth can improve the appearance and strength of chipped or broken teeth. These painless procedures require very little preparation of the tooth. Read more >>>

Tooth-Colored Cosmetic Fillings — Gone are the days when a tooth color filling has to be understandable and unattractive. Tooth-colored fillings are hardly noticeable. benefits & cost of composite fillings. Read more >>>

Tooth Contouring & Reshaping — Use a dental drill or dental laser to smooth out or reshape teeth. Read more >>>

Cosmetic Gum Surgery — Pain & bloodless Minor laser surgery can reshape gum tissue to give it a more good appearance. Read more >>>

Anti- Ageing Dentistry — Good health most important lead disease free life prevent pyorrhea, diabetes, blood pressure. Look Younger, Feel Fresher, Keep on Beautiful Gorgeous Smile, boost your self-confidence. Read more >>>

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