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Welcome to Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics Centre since 1999
Leveraging today’s latest technology, Whether you need a routine root canal or a more advanced procedure, we offers a wide variety of procedures to uniquely fit your needs. We ensures your visit to the endodontist is affordable and comfortable. If you are searching for relief from dental pain – look no further, our root canal specialists are waiting for your call today.

? “Dr. Bharat Agravat was one of the First in the State of Gujarat to achieve Advanced Endodontic Training & Certificate from University at Buffalo USA”

Single visit root canal treatment step by step procedure video

by best Cosmetic Implantologist Ahmadabad, India Dr Bharat Agravat.

USA Patient Review “High quality work in very short time”

 and Wonder-full help! Single Sitting RCT & Lava 3M Crown in 3 Days !

Why Choose Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics?

“Get Rid of Toothache and Save Your Natural Teeth”

Go get a cup of tea and find a comfortable place to sit, because you are about to hear Dr. Bharat Agravat tell the story about how he chose endodontics dentistry in the first place.

? Endodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. Endodontists perform a variety of procedures like endodontic therapy, endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth and treating dental trauma. Root canal therapy is one of the most common procedures.

? Dr. Bharat Agravat performing numerous root canals in his clinic. Since 1999, he has performed more than 9000 Estimated number of endodontic therapy procedures performed while in 20th years Practice. He discovered his love for root canal therapy and decided to pursued Mini Residency in Advanced Endodontics from the School of Dental Medicine University at Buffalo NY USA, where he earned a Certificate in Advance Endodontics. Training with many years of continuing dental education, including specialized training in microsurgical endodontic techniques with Dr. Adham Azim – Division Head and Director of the Endodontic Post-Graduate Program at the University at Buffalo (UB) in New York.

? Dr. Bharat Agravat setting new benchmarks of excellence with 18 distinguished awards, 20 years experienced, Specialist in Single Visit Painless Root Canal Treatment and offer various Endodontic therapy at his own Cosmetic Laser & Implant clinic Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. His warm and caring approach coupled with expert endodontic treatment provides each patient with a positive experience towards endodontic therapy. His treatment philosophy is to listen to his patients’ questions and concerns and ensure that they understand the course of treatment. Every treatment is tailored to the patients’ individual needs based on the most current scientific research and technology.

? On a Personal Note Dr Bharat and his wife, Dr Harhsa, live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the home of Advanced Endodontics. They have one son, Kartavya, also living in Ahmedabad with their families. Dr Bharat and Dr Harsha are very proud of their Dr Agravat Group and excited about the great joy they provide. On a side note, Dr Bharat, Dr Harsha and Dr Hanee comprise the “Dr Bharat Agravat Team” and through Advanced Endodontics, they strive to create educational materials and programs that produce greater clinical success and professional fulfilment.

?Dr. Bharat received his dental Surgeon degree from Government Dental College and Hospital Ahmedbada, Gujarat University, in 1999. He completed his clinical rotational internships work in various government hospital dental department. Internationally recognized as a leading expert in all aspects of clinical endodontics, ? Dr. Bharat is acclaimed for providing superb endodontic education through his teachings, clinical articles, training manuals and multimedia products. He is the founder and director of AIMDA, an international educational source in Gujarat, India. He is well-known for his ability to empower colleagues and motivate clinicians towards their full potential. Additionally, Dr. Bharat Agravat maintains a private practice limited to Endodontics, Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry in Ahmedabad.

? Professional Affiliations ⁃ Clinical Mastership in Implant Dentistry from New York University USA ⁃ Advanced Endodontics Specialisation from University at Buffalo USA. ⁃ Patented Innovations in Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry related Product “One Touch Smile” ⁃ Online externship with DentalXP at Atlanta, USA. ⁃ Diplomate at the International Congress of Oral Implantologist USA ⁃ Fellow and Executive Council Member of Indian Society of Oral Implantologist – ISOI ⁃ Expert Authors from Ezine Articles USA. ⁃ Associate with International Organisation like “American Academy of Implant Dentistry-AAID ⁃ Ex Lecturer at Darshan Dental College And Hospital, Loyara in Udaipur, Rajasthan ⁃ Ex Lecturer at Mahadevia Dental Collage & Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat. ⁃ Former President of Indian Dental Association (IDA) ⁃ Former President MTV Medical Association Ahmedabad India. ⁃ Serves as a consultant to Apollo hospital city centre ghatlodia Ahmedabad, Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospitals Private Limited Vastrapur, etc.

?Honours…. ⁃ Gujarat state Governor His Excellency Krishnapal Singh, ⁃ Gujarat state Home Minister Shri Amit Shah in year 2007, ⁃ Gujarat state Educational Chairman Shri Suresh Patel in year 2007. ⁃ Government Dental Collage & Hospital Dean Dr. K H Shah, Ahmedabad. ⁃ APMC Vice Chairman Shri Hitesh Barot in year 2007. ⁃ Accelerated Dental Learning Center (U.S.A.) in year 2006. ⁃ “YOU ARE THE PILLARS OF PERFECTION” Committed to Dental Excellence given by the President Dr. S.G. Damle Indian Dental Association in year 2006. ⁃ Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry in year 2003.

?Gives Guidance on ⁃ TV. Talk Show “Doctor Tamara Ghare” on ZEE TV. Live Programme. ⁃ TV. talk Show “OPD Jadu Ki Jappi” on TV 9 Live Programme. ⁃ “All India Radio” on their talk on science and Technology in Dentistry.

? Article Published in News Paper & Magazine… ⁃ Abhiyaan “Dr Bharat Agravat creates Perfect Smile” in year 2012. ⁃ Divya Bhaskar “Net Chatting Banyu Pain Killer” in year 2010. ⁃ Divya Bhaskar “Smile Makeover to create beautiful smile” in year 2009. ⁃ Divya Bhaskar “City Traffic Problem Debate” in year 2009. ⁃ Sandesh “Tooth Jewellery-studding of Diamond on tooth” in year 2007. ⁃ The Times of India Panel Doctor in “Guide to Good Health” in year 2006.

? Member: ⁃ American Dental Association. (U.S.A) Since 2005. ⁃ FDI World Dental Federation, Since 2000. ⁃ Indian Dental Association (IDA) Since 1995. ⁃ Dental Practitioners‘ Society, Ahmedabad. Since 2000. ⁃ Ahmedabad Management Association. (A.M.A) ⁃ “Rogi Kalyan Samiti” of Government Dental College & Hospital. Civil Hospital since 2007. ⁃ MTV Medical Association since 2000. ⁃ Executive Committee member of Gujarat State Indian Dental Association -2006. ⁃ Honorary Secretary Alumni Association Government Dental Collage & Hospital. ⁃ Dental Practitioners’ Society Ahmedabad

? Credential Certifications ⁃ Preventive & Community Dentistry Department G.D.C.H. Ahmedabad. ⁃ Effective Team Building – Ahmedabad Management Association ⁃ Paragliding Course- Kaushik Aero Sports. ⁃ Nature Camp, At Jesor, Youth Hostel Association Gandhinagar, Year

? Research             Published article of research & awareness in local newspapers to provide health & medical related guidance to general public.

? Social services: Dr Bharat Agravat not only indulged in his profession but also Managing Trusty of SHREE AUMKARESHWAR CHARITABLE TRUST. Activities carried out by trust ⁃ Medical & Dental Relief Camp for general public as well as in primary & secondary school ⁃ The trust is publishing its research & awareness article in local newspapers to provide health & medical related guidance to general public. ⁃ The trust is operating clinic & dispensary to provide health & medical treatment like Dental, General physian, Diabetician, ENT Surgeon, Skin specialist, Eye Surgeon, Pathology, Homeopathic & Ayurvedic at low cost to poor public. ⁃ Organized several camps in the rural areas, tribal areas of the state. Telecasted T.V. Shows ⁃ for basic awareness in the field of Dentistry. Edited a booklet on Tobacco in Gujarati for the benefit of Common public. ⁃ This is providing services in innumerable no of patients from last so many years. They have already organized various medical camps.

Advanced Digital Technology used in our practice

At Dr Bharat Agravat AEC Ahmedabad , we are committed to using the latest technologies. We want to give the best possible a variety of endodontic therapy procedures to our patients. Dr Bharat Agravat use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech Digital Technology equipment’s like….

CARL ZEISS EyeMag Pro S France ?

Sophisticated optics for higher visualization standards.

CARL ZEISS EyeMag Pro S Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad gujarat indiaOptimal treatment requires optimal visualization. EyeMag Pro loupe from Carl Zeiss generate a brilliant, stereoscopic image facilitating better differentiation of ultra-fine structures. The result: increased efficiency and elevated levels of care. Select your loupe from a wide range of working distances and magnification levels. Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupe offer a choice in carrier system: a titanium frame (F) or a headband system (S).You will be amazed by the unparalleled optical quality of the EyeMag Pro system. Precise vision… High image quality and color fidelity – brilliant image that extends to the peripheral zones High depth of fields yields excellent depth orientation Large fields of view allow for an optimum overview of the working field

Work in comfort… The ergonomic design of the carrier system ensures an outstanding fit Customizable settings promote an upright posture regardless of the viewing angle The large selection of working distances permits an optimal treatment position 

Intuitive operation… Simple adjustments for fast,   easy operation Flip-up function facilitates unobstructed vision and easy communication with the patient Sterilizable contact guards allow quick flip up/down operation even under sterile conditions.

Digital PSPIX Radiovisuography (RVG) Germany ?

Digital PSPIX radiovisuography Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaEXCLUSIVE CONCEPT “CLICK & SCAN”
… With PSPIX® chairside, you save a significant amount of time:
- You are the single-user of the scanner
- You do not need to move to another room to scan your images
- You get your images in few seconds. You are therefore
more efficient and more dedicated to your patients’ cares.

… The advanced technology used inside this scanner marks a turning point in terms of excellence. The new PSPIX is as much as three times smaller than other imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the market!

The new PSPIX is the only scanner on the market with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection. The removable parts provided with each purchase comply with dental washer disinfector.


– Amazing size  
- Avant-garde design  
- Genuine intelligence workflow  
- Very simple  
- Optimal hygiene barrier  
- PSPIX Software capabilities.  

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments ?

NiTi ESX Endodontic Rotary File System USA Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaNiTi ESX Endodontic Rotary File System  & WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Files USA Precise, Minimally Invasive Endodontic Procedures – ESX. Designed with several performance-enhancing patented features, the NiTi ESX Rotary File System is for powerful yet minimally invasive performance, maximizing the long-term success of the treated tooth.

The Patented ACP™ (Alternating Contact Point) Design Efficiently cleans 3 dimensionally as the sharp cutting edges engage with the canal walls at opposing intervals. Asymmetrical flute design alternates between zero to three points of engagement. Moves debris coronally in a wave-like fashion. Allows the ESX to operate at a low torque setting and higher speed, thereby reducing stress on the file and root.

Triangular Cross Section Allows for sharper cutting edges and a larger chip space for enhanced debris removal. Asymmetrical rotary motion removes debris coronally.

Proprietary Electropolished Finish Brasseler files are the only files in North America that are electropolished. This proprietary surface treatment improves resistance to cyclic and torsional fatigue.

Patented Booster Tip Maximizes safety and efficiency 6 cutting edges smoothly transition to a true reamer design Anti-ledging and anti-perfing patented centering mechanism Allows for fewer instruments and larger diameter increases Like having two files in one!

A Closer Look at the patented Booster Tip The booster tip features 6 cutting edges for increased efficiency allowing for stress free apical progression and clearing of debris while respecting even the most challenging canal anatomy. This revolutionary design allows for the use of fewer instruments per treatment.

Protaper endodontic system ?

ProTaper Universal Rotary Instruments: Protaper Gold Endodontic System Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat India* Shaping files have multiple tapers that ensure flexibility and cut dentin in specific canal zones * Brushing action creates lateral space and allows the files’ blades to passively move deeper into the canal * Finishing files produce the final deep shape in the canal and the correct apical fit for the matching ProTaper Universal obturators or master cones * Each finishing file featues a decreasing rate of taper that enhances flexibility, reduces the possibility of over-preparing the coronal 2/3 of a canal and reduces the potential for taper lock.

Endo Motor ?

? Dentsply WAVE-ONE X-Smart Plus Endodontic Endo Motor Dentsply WAVE-ONE X-Smart Plus Endo Motor Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaThe X-Smart Plus micromotor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for GDPs carrying out rotary endodontics. It has a lightweight handpiece with a small head. The unit is compact and portable, operated without a footpedal and can be battery operated. It has reciprocation for WaveOne and torque control and auto-reverse modes for continuous rotation instruments. X-Smart Plus is the endo motor of choice for General Dental Practitioners performing root canal treatments with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and the treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment.

? ENDO-MATE TC2 ENDO-MATE TC2 Endo Motor Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaEndo-Mate TC2 by NSK is an endomotor used in the shaping of the root canals during endodontic treatment. Endo-Mate TC2 has a cordless handpiece that assures ease of use even during the most delicate endodontic procedures. The light weight endodontic motor has a large LCD display with a simple 5-key operation. The endomotor is compatible with most rotary systems from major brands and the gear ratio attachment applies to the entire rotation and torque. 5 programs are available for different endodontic rotary file systems. The Auto Reverse and Alarm Function alerts the clinician with an audible sound, indicating that the load on the rotary file is about the reach the preset torque level. This allows the clinician to unload the file even before the Auto Reverse function is activated. 

Electronic Ipex Apex II Locators NSK Japan. ?

It is a high precision Apex Locator used to measure the working length of the root canal by using SmartLogic. NSK iPex II can easily be set and used in any environment as it is light weighted and with a base just 6cm in diameter. LCD panel inclined at a perfect angle ensures safe and smooth root canal procedures and allows the Clinicians to complete their task easily without any distractions. The LCD display panel with minimal reflectivity is easier for the Clinician to view from an operating stance. NSK created SmartLogic, as a result of numerous clinical trials and verification tests as base. SmartLogic is the next generation Apex Locator which is compatible with various tooth structures and provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex. The iPex II Apex Locator can provide a clear image of the location of the file tip on its LCD panel.

3D Obturation System ?

3D Obturation System EQ-V and E&Q Master Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat India* Warm Vertical Compaction * Warm Gutta Percha Obturation * 3D Obturation by using EQ-V System ? EQ-V and E&Q Master continuous wave obturation system features our latest technology baked into a meticulously designed, comfortable, yet powerful gun and pen set. Extended battery life. Ergonomic design for comfortable operation. Excellent tactile-feeling trigger for smooth and easy filling. Simple use and outstanding performance.

Nitrous Oxide Inhalation ?

Conscious Sedation Relative Analgesia in Dentistry, Should you need something to help you relax, this service is available for Dental injection phobia of our patients, as long as there are no restrictions indicated by medical history.

Samsung 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab & Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ?

Samsung 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaBluetooth Wireless Headphones Dr Bharat Agravat Advanced Endodontics root canal Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaGalaxy Tab allows patients to listen to music or watch a video during a procedure. Galaxy Tab touch features a Samsung-designed Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ 16GB (Wi-Fi), The beautiful 10.1” high-resolution screens makes everything come to life The beautiful 10.1” high-resolution screens makes everything come to life.

Endodontic Treatments

“Get Rid of Toothache and Save Your Natural Teeth”

Today’s advanced endodontic treatments and latest materials can give you a healthier, more complete smile that can last you a lifetime. Dr Bharat Agravat, can help revitalize and maintain your teeth and gums, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Single Visit Root Canal
Treatment Technique
Root Canal TherapyEndodontic Surgery,
Root Canal Re-treatment
Traumatic InjuriesTooth Bleaching
Internal Resorption
External ResorptionApexogenesis
ApexificationCracked Teeth

Root Canal Therapy ?

Root Canal Therapy…

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment Technique ?

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Bharat Agravat Cosmetic & Implant Dental Surgeon practicing since 1999 expert in root canals, multiple root canals in single sitting, fracture broken tooth, post and core buildup and much more.
Dr Agravat use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech equipments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , radiovisuography (RVG) envision ultra modern root canals in a much better feature.

nsk endo motor price in india for single visit root canal treatment cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaRrotary endodontics, protaper system from NSK Japan.
nsk apex locator ipex for single sitting root canal treatment cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. IPEX apex locator from NSK Japan.
PSPIX rvg in dental single sitting root canal treatment cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaPSPIX radiovisuography (RVG) from Germany

“When there is a toothache, broken teeth or traumatic injury  an acute infection with no pus accumulation in and around the tooth, a single sitting root canal treatment can be accomplished.”

Single visit root canal  is gaining much interest these days in dentistry. It is faster, well accepted & prevents recontamination of the root canal treatment between appointments.

Single siting root canal treatment in endodontia refers to gain the access till pulp chamber, locate the canals, clean it, shape it with endo instruments and fill it with gutta percha points and seal it with the cement.

Single sitting root canal treatment is commonly done these days due to lack of time with people for multiple sitting, a busy person and it goes with their accelerated paced style of living

Diagnosis :

The greatest diagnostic advice in this case is a digital RVG X-ray. X-ray demonstrates  the presence or absence of pus accumulation in the form of a Periapical Radioluency.

Painless Single Visit Root Canal Procedure Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad,India

What is Single-Sitting Root Canal Procedure ?

  • First a local anesthesia is administered to the tooth and the tooth become numb so that the procedure is more pleasant & comfortable.
  • Next step Dr Bharat Agravat uses a drill to gain access to the area inside the tooth where the nerve is. A hole is made inside the tooth, to open the pulp chamber to allow access to the canals.
  • Next, he cleans the pulp chamber and all root canals using with help of special endohandpiece instruments with use rotary files the infected nerves are removed.
  • The root canals are flushed with antibacterial solution. Root canals are further cleaned scrapes and scrubs, cleaning it of debris and bacteria & reshaped to free them of all debris with the endorotary file instrument.
  • Once the root canals are dry & clean, he is filled and sealed with a biocompatible material like as Gutta Purcha Points.
  • The tooth cavity is then filled with a permanent tooth color light cure composite filling material.
  • A root canal treated tooth should be ideally crowned after some days.

Advantage  of Single visit root canal treatment

  • Takes only half an hour to finish procedure thus saves time.
  • A single visit procedure.
  • The patient does not feel discomfort by local anesthesia again and again every visit.
  • Favorable in patient who do not show up after first sitting in traditional old root canal treatment.
  • This reduces the re infection chances by number of visits.

Indicationof Single visit root canal treatment

  • Tooth nerve tissue has started to degenerate in case of attrition, abrasion.
  • Teeth causing pain.
  • Tooth nerve exposure in case of fracture or trauma to the tooth.
  • Patients with acute tooth abscess.

Contraindication of Single visit root canal treatment

  • The tooth with chronic periapical abscess.
  • The tooth with the periapical swelling.
  • Mobile (Shaking or loosened) teeth.

How long does Single visit root canal treatment take time?

Single sitting root canal is only half an hour procedure per tooth depending on numbers of canals present in the tooth.

What happens before the root canal treatment procedure?

Single visit root canal treatment decision is made then the dentist apply the rubber dam to which treatment is performed. Rubber dam acts as a barrier between tooth and saliva to prevent reinfection in the canal during canal obturation.

What happens during the procedure?

Please see above…What is Single-Sitting Root Canal Procedure ?   

What happens after the procedure?

After the single sitting root canal treatment patient may feel a mild sense which is controlled by medicine. After the procedure Dr Agravat will guide the patient what to eat and chew on that side.

“A Dental Crown / Cap is necessary on root canal treated teeth because the tooth is non vital so any hard food chewing chance to tooth fracture possibilities.”

Endodontic Surgery, Apicoectomy ?

IEndodontic Surgery, Apicoectomy ?…

Root Canal Re-treatment ?

Root Canal Re-treatment ?…

Traumatic Injuries ?

Traumatic Injuries ?…

Tooth Bleaching ?

Tooth Bleaching ?…

Internal Resorption ?

Internal Resorption ?…

External Resorption ?

External Resorption ?…

Apexogenesis ?

Apexogenesis ?…

Apexification ?

Apexification ?…

Cracked Teeth ?

Cracked Teeth ?…


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