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Dr. Agravat provide world class fixed dentures in India.

Best Price for Dentures in India. By Dr  Bharat Agravat Fixed dentures Clinic in Ahmedabad India

Dr. Agravat can customize your dentures for you, you too can have a beautiful, natural smile. The accurate concentration to design and detail will also improve chewing function. This is one of the latest techniques utilized for full-mouth rehabilitation or reconstructive dentistry.  “As a replacement for no teeth, dentures have always been clearly artificial in appearance. The Dr Agravat customization process provides a smile that is so incredibly natural that even I can’t tell,” says Dr. Bharat Agravat.

Facelift Fixed Dentures ahmedabad

What is Dentures?

Dentures are simple prosthetic devices that are customized for each person for…

  • Restore the function of the missing teeth, like, the ability to chew
  • Improving the speech
  • Protection of the gums
  • Cosmetic appearance.

Despite of all conventional dentures are removable. Removable dentures need a considerable amount of maintenance – cleaning, washing, to avoid infections in the oral cavity.

Advantage of Fix Dentures….                        

  • Affordable low cost.
  • Keeps old denture in place
  • The metal bar system stabilizes the overdenture placed over it without rocking.
  • The implants to stabilize one another, so they can last for a lifelong.
  • The upper denture can be horseshoe-shaped because the vacuum effect is not needed.
  • The palate is left uncovered for the sense of heat, cold and taste is better.
  • No nausea.
  • Compare to other fixed dentures, this one can be worn at night.
  • Hybrid denture restores new teeth and gums to give you a proper esthetic and facial support with best natural looking beautiful smile.
  • It feels like a real natural tooth.

Disadvantage of Removable Denture….

  • To restore the functions of the lost teeth, traditional removable dentures are a poor alternate.
  • Removable dentures provide a minimum chewing ability of the natural teeth.
  • It interferes with the ability to speak due to slip of removable denture position.

The procedure: Installing fixed dentures

Advantages of fixed dentures or dental bridges

Risks associated with using Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures Vs Dental implants



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Facelift Fixed Dentures ahmedabad