Dr Agravat’s Smile in an Hour…

A beautiful new smile achieved painless and easily in only single visit Appointment!

Make a brilliant smile your trademark. Cosmetic dentist Bharat Agravat can help you correct natural imperfections easily and economically. You’re unhappy smiling because of a gap in your teeth? Or crooked teeth make you feel self-conscious? You can leave this behind you and look forward to new pleasure in life with your attractive appearance.

Do you want a beautiful new smile makeover, but are concerned about the expense and treatment time of porcelain veneers and other cosmetic treatments cost? Change Your Smile: Discover How a New Smile Can Transform Your Life by a Dr Bharat Agravat One-Hour Veneers smile makeover


Anterior Tooth Fracture Treatment Smile in hour by Dr Bharat Agravat best dentist india


Which composite material is used in smile in an hour?

We use COMPONEER BRILLIANT (Made in Switzerland) specially manufactured, very thin shells 0.3 mm that can be fixed to the front of the front teeth to conceal aesthetic imperfections. It can be compared with artificial fingernails, but there is one very big difference. our restorations ensure an attractive appearance for many years.

Benefits of Dr Agravat Smile in an hour

  • Attractive teeth and a new smile after only one visit
  • Very little removal of healthy tooth structure
  • Reduced dental treatment stress
  • Only minimal removal of dental substrate
  • Individual, customised shaping of the front teeth
  • High quality, durable veneering material
  • Shine can be refreshed by polishing at any time
  • An economically attractive solution
  • High quality permanent veneering material

Dr Agravat Smile in an hour is the best excellent choice for:

  • Cosmetic improvement.
  • Unattractive anterior teeth – front upper or lower teeth. Malpositioning (e.g. twisted teeth)
  • Gaps between the front teeth – midline diastema closure with composite
  • Front teeth with dental caries
  • Severe Tooth discolouration
  • Incisal Broken tooth edges or Chipped Incisal Edge
  • Noticeable longstanding fillings
  • Treatments for enamel hypoplasia
  • Dental fluorosis treatment
  • Conspicuous old fillings
  • A wide range of anatomical malformations


A new smile achieved easily by three easy steps:

At Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad smile makeover experts Dr Bharat Agravat can make your smile more beautiful in only one session. Fast, with little effect on tooth structure.

Step 1

Dr Bharat Agravat checks the condition of your front teeth, recommends the right shade and selects the correct shape with the template.

Step 2

Then your teeth are prepared for veneering with COMPONEER BRILLIANT. Your teeth will Require very little preparation, because the tooth enamel shells are so incredibly thin. In general, very little tooth structure is lost.

Step 3

Dr Agravat places the COMPONEER BRILLIANT in the desired position, using the same material from which the enamel shells were made, and will complete the final shaping of the tooth for you.

At this point you can discuss adjustments to the shape and length you want and changes can be made on the spot. As the material cures the customized COMPONEER BRILLIANT becomes securely fixed in position. The final step is to polish the tooth to match the others. Done.

Dr Agravat’s Smile in an Hour gives you attractive teeth, an economical and convincing solution. The smile to simply take away.

veneers smile makeover by Dr Agravat’s Smile in an Hour before after image

Simply take a brilliant smile away with you.

It has never been so easy to have an attractive smile. You will be astonished to see how quickly

Dr Bharat Agravat can make your front teeth beautiful with innovative Smile In an hour. Your new life starts with your first smile after the treatment. Enjoy your smile to go.

To demonstrate the use of COMPONEER, detailed clinical step-by-step video. It shows all relevant steps of the application workflow and provides assistance in case of difficulties.

Veneers smile makeover in Ahmedabad, India