The Dr Agravat Dental Spa offers proven relaxation techniques during your entire visit – from the ambiance as you enter the office, to the aromatherapy and massage that is offered during your visit.

Q: Do all these extras cost me more money?

A: No. Dr Agravat  spa services are complimentary. Because they are free of charge.

Q: Don’t like the taste of Dental Materials?

A: We offer sugarless gum.

Q: Don’t like the sound of a dental drill?

A: We offer headphones and a large CD/DVD music, movie collection.

Q: Don’t like the smell of a dental Clinic?

A: We offer aromatic facial tissue paper.

Q: Don’t like looking up the Dental Surgeon nose?

A: We offer LED TV’s in front of the dental chair.

Q: Don’t like your lips feeling stretched out?

A: We offer different flavors of lip balm.


Join Dr Agravat Dental Spa Family

Dr Bharat Agravat  treat their patients like members of the Dr Agravat family. If you’re searching for the  best cosmetic dental surgeon who can treat the whole family, contact us to schedule an appointment.