Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?
  • Absolutely painless surgery. The level of discomfort associated with dental implants is affected by the number of implants being used as well as the health of the bone, gum surrounding implant and Systemic condition of the patient.
  • Your dental implant surgery will be operating under local anesthesia. During the surgery you can listen music which u want & see movie which you like. You will have a mild irritation for few days’ next day return to your routine work.
  • After Implant surgery Implantologist Dr Bharat Agravat prescribe medication for few days. With the conservative dental implant procedure recovery time is minimized and patients report only minor irritation. Patient can take Ice cream and can eat after 2 hours.

 Dr Bharat Agravat Implantologist had a lot of patients for dental implant surgery and some patient share their experience about implantation surgery:

Fixed denture patient from Leicester city , London, U.K.:

Patient had 4 implants in Upper jaw & 4 in lower jaw and after 2 days even got a set of removable dentures fitted. He had no teeth in his mouth. He could eat comfortably straight away.

After 3 month dr agravat put a ball & socket fixed denture for my upper and lower jaw. It’s an only 2 days painless procedure. It seems Dr Agravat replace my ill fitting loose denture with a fixed denture so that now I can live happily and enjoy the taste of all foods which I thought I will never have. With this denture I have a new beautiful look.

Mr. Jack Patel….

Leicester city, London, U.K

Immediately Placement of a single implant same day after removal of teeth… patient from Vancouver, Canada:

After I got accidentally broken my upper front teeth, Dr Bharat planed to remove teeth and replace with Implant on same day. There was no pain & swelling during and after the procedure but I feel a very strange sensation whilst the thread for the implant was being engraved inside the hole in my jawbone.
Next day morning he gave me a temporary teeth crown.

After a month he gave me a permanent zirconia tooth color crown. With this no one can say I have done a cosmetically dental treatment. Dr Bharat has made cosmetically a perfect smile.

Thanks to him

Mr. Kanti Thakkar

Vancouver, Canada


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