Pyorrhea Treatment.

Treatment plan of Gum Disease (Periodontitis):

Treatment of periodontal diseases depends upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed. The best way to treat the Pyorrhea is to educate the patient on oral hygiene and scaling of teeth.

           If  Pyorrhea detected early stage,

periodontal pyorrhea diseases can be treated through  Non-Surgical treatment

         In advanced Periodontitis.   

periodontal pyorrhea diseases can be treated through  Surgical treatment may be required to prevent further bone loss and/or regenerate bone when needed.


Step by step procedure of Non-Surgical Treatment

  • Scaling…
  • Root planning…

Deep cleaning of the root that removes the plaque and tarter from the root surface of teeth below the gum line.

  •  Polishing…
  • Antibiotics: Bacteria are present in periodontitis so antibiotics are given in form of pills antibiotics fiber and antibacterial mouthwash rinse
  • Splinting: This technique attaches weak and mobile teeth together, combining them into a stronger single unit, making them more stable and offering more comfortable chewing.
  • A Bite-guard: An imbalanced bite may accelerate bone loss. . A Bite-guard or night guard (removable retainer fitting over teeth) may be required to protect teeth surfaces and relax tense muscles.


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