Dr Bharat Agravat Associated with Corporate Organizations…….

      Year… Organization….. Position Held…..
Since 1999 Dr.  Agravat’s Cosmetic Dental Center. Owner
Since  2007 O.N.G.C.- Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited. Empanel Consultant.
Since 2003
The Apollo Clinic Consulting Dental Surgeon
Since 2005
Sanjivani Super Specialty Hospital Consulting Dental Surgeon
Since  2002 The  New India Assurance  Company  Ltd. Gujarat State Dental  Referee
Since  2007 Visamo  Kid Foundation Honorary Dental Surgeon
Since  2002 Ayush   Medical Center Managing Director
Since  2001 Shivam   Polyclinic Managing Director
Since  2001 Shanti  Charitable  Trust Honorary Dental Surgeon
Since  2001 Pramukhswami  Charitable Trust Honorary Dental Surgeon