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 Accelerate your  professional dental career at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india.

Where we prepare who are pursuing the degree to become a dentist  for a rewarding career in dentistry. We are here to help you take the first steps into a rewarding field. With over fifteen  years of Dr Bharat Agravat dental experience, we are proud to offer certificate programs with hands-on training and small class sizes. Let us show you how to accelerate your training so you can become an experienced  dentist  in less time than you thought possible.

“Internship year is a great time to get more involved in dental activities outside of the Dental Collage”.

You may be living off dental collage campus but you still have to remember to stay on track! Don’t slack off now you are halfway done with dental college but there is still much to do. This is an important and busy year for you. Volunteer to work in a dental clinic, see if you can shadow a practicing dentist. Lack of opportunities is a poor excuse; there is always something advantageous that you can be doing.


About Our mission

The Dr Agravat’s Dental Academy provides coaching gives dentists the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process. It is an essential step to career advancement and is offered in order to support performance and accelerate their business success effective strategy within the practice, which can contribute significantly to the career development of any dentist.


Dr Agravat Coaching Works..

This Coaching covers the following key areas and topics. Dr Agravat  will provide dentist coaching method is a process that focuses specifically on providing guidance, hands on, direction, personal In-Office coaching, Just-In-Time coaching calls, email support, strong interpersonal and communication skills and career advice to dentists with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills.

Why Join….

  • The practice of dentistry requires a broad range of highly specialized skills. Some are taught in dental college, while some must be brought to the profession as an innate characteristic of the dentist. If you believe you wants to become a good dentist, dr agravat Dental academy is right choice for you.
  • Dental surgeons are required to perform genteelly, delicate, sensitive dental procedures inside  mouths. Dentist need to shape dental materials, pack composite material into a drilled-out cavities, and use dental drills and other dentistry instrument that take a steady skill hand and a capacity for close-in work.
  •  Visible memory. As a dentist, you’ll need to not only remember what different types of teeth look like and where they’re located, but you’ll need to be able to match colors when creating dental crowns/Caps, dental bridge  and during cosmetic treatment like Veneers, tooth color Composite and recall what a patient’s tooth look like at every stage of their dental care.
  • Dental Clinic Business sense. A Dental clinic is, above all for a dentist, a business, and a dentist must be able to deal with payroll, ordering dental materials supplies, overseeing billing, appoint and firing staff employees, and virtually every other aspect of running a dentistry small business.

In  a private practice you have to take all decisions like diagnosis , Treatment plan. Deal with different age group patient like Child, pregnant women, old age patient may be suffering with other systemic disease, so you have to take a perfect decision in that case.

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