Prevention for Enamel Hypoplasia

  • If you observe your child’s permanent teeth growing in with uneven, discolored areas, immediately make an appointment with dental surgeon. Because prevention is better than cure the sooner the enamel hypoplasia can be diagnosed, the as early as possible a treatment plan can be created.
  • If a patient with enamel hypoplasia not treated, these conditions can be chronic during adulthood. If treatment begins when a dental surgeon examine the condition, these problems can be avoided.
  • Nutrition; Enamel hypoplasia has been associated with nutrient deficiencies including vitamin D, A and protein, If a poor diet with an increased sugar intake; this can damage the teeth and develops cavities.
    • Vitamin A containing fruits and vegetables like lemon, orange, pumpkins and carrots, egg, meat, milk, leafy, green vegetables-spinach.
    • Vitamin D-containing Banana, salmon, Fortified orange juice, milk, yogurt, cereals.
    • Protein-include meat and soya products.
  •  During Pregnancy eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains can provide your baby’s body with the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong. Also affects factors like-Delayed pre-natal care, obesity, measles, smoking, alcohol.
  • Traumatic Injury to the jaw or teeth while teeth are developing can increase child’s risk for developing enamel hypoplasia.
  • As the child’s immune system develops, occasional disease is to be expected. Failing to promptly treat illness, can lead to increased risk for enamel hypoplasia.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene care methods such as
    • Regularly brushing properly.
    • Regularly intake vitamin, green leafy vegetables, protein etc.
    • Visit dentist clinic 3 to 6 months of examining the progress of EH.
    •  Receiving fluoride treatments.
    • Avoiding foods containing an excessive amount of sugar.

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