Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days with Basal Dental Implants India Review

 Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days with Basal Dental Implants India Review by Dr Bharat Agravat Ahmedabad.

This video present testimonial of the patient before & after treatment and basal implants vs conventional implants with Lower Front Decayed Teeth Removal & Fixed Teeth restoration within 3 days by Switzerland KOS Basal Implants- IDHE DENTAL at Dr Agravat One Day Implant Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

“No Incision, No Suture, No Blood, No Bone grafting, No sinus lift, No Waiting and Painless Immediate loading Surgery procedure using Swiss technology.”

Implantologist Dr Bharat Agravat Performs many Painless Basal implant Surgery procedure annually ! read more;

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Dr Agravat One Day Dental Implant clinic AIM is to give quality Dental Implant & Missions are: 1. To minimized the panic about Dental Implants Surgery include the people globally. 2. To invent a conscious about EASY , EXPECTED and REASONABLE Dental Implant technique among patients. 3. To create awareness and Knowledge about Immediate loading Dental Implants among Dentistry Community. 4. To make Dental Implant treatment Affordable and Accessible.

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 Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days with Basal Dental Implants India Review

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2 responses on “Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days with Basal Dental Implants India Review

  1. Anne-Marie Ferrari says:

    Hi I would like a full quote for 14 front teeth removed and a full set of basal implants upper and lower please
    Kind regards Annie Ferrari

    • Please come Dr Bharat Agravat Cosmetic Implants & Laser dentist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
      Address: Mohini Complex, First Floor, Beside Pride Hotel, Near Judges Bungalow road,, Satellite, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054
      Phone: 098257 63666

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