Mouth Opening Treatment Review, My Experience About Mouth opening By Laser Treatment due to oral sub mucous fibrosis OSMF

My Experience After Mouth opening By Laser Treatment due to oral sub mucous fibrosis OSMF by Incising & Removing of the Fibrous Band in 30 minutes

My Experience About Mouth opening OSMF Treatment By Laser Surgery

Mouth Opening Review Hindi


I want to share my review as patient of Dr Bharat Agravat Cosmetic Laser Implants Clinic. Earlier I had a treatment some where else that lead to non opening of mouth. I was not able to eat or drink. By seeing his clinic on the internet I came to Ahmedabad after 700 km journey for the treatment and now I am able to open my mouth and can do normal functions like eating, chewing, drinking and talking easily. Dr Bharat Agravat Cosmetic Laser Implants Clinic is the Best affordable and best dental clinic of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Laser Treatment was Performed in local Anesthesia, I have an area inside my mouth that requires removal and Dr Bharat Agravat had decided that by using a Diode Laser would be best for me. A laser mouth opening treatment has many better advantages than other types of mouth opening treatment.

It tends to produce less bleeding, swelling and pain because of No Incision and stitches. Immediately following surgery the area will look Less scarring, which is normal.

Dr Bharat Agravat has also shown that how is Diode laser used to Incise & Remove the Fibrous Band and I have shared my experience after Laser Surgery i personally recommend this clinic..

What I feel after the laser treatment is that it is less painful than other forms of mouth opening treatment.

I return to my home town same day and no need of Hospitalisation and No Need for rest.

👌 No Need to another appointment for visit clinic. Affordable compared to the other osmf surgical techniques to mouth open treatment.

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