Mobile Tooth Treatment…

Mobile tooth Treated by Fiber Splinting….At Dr Bharat Agravat Dental Clinic.

Why splinting require?

Traumatic injury can be transferred from teeth to supporting structure causes mobility of teeth. . Such mobile teeth may require splinting for a specified period of time till the supporting tissues heal and the tooth becomes stable.


  • Periodontaly weak teeth or mobile tooth.
  • Mobility due to traumatic injury.
  • Surgical Re-Implantation.
  • Splinting material for orthodontic stabilization

Material used.

  • Extremely thin fiber-glass band (0.05 mm / .0019″) to be used with Fiber-Bond .
  • Light-cured bonding agents.
  • The band is 4mm wide, which gives 30% more adhesion power to the interdentally area


  • Teeth are supported in its position for some period of time.
  • This is done to teeth that are traumatized or teeth whose supporting structures are affected by disease, which prevents them from supporting the teeth.

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