What are Fixed Dentures

what are fixed dentures cost in ahmedabad indiaA fixed denture prosthetic device is used for dental restoration which fits on dental implants. There are various types of fixed dentures depends on teeth missing.

  • Dental Crown: Single tooth is missing. A fixed replacement known as a Dental cap/crown supported by Dental implant
  • Dental Bridge:
    • Multiple tooth missing.  A fixed replacement known as Dental Bridge supported by dental implants. Fixed partial dentures used in patients to fill the gaps or spaces caused due to the loss of one or more teeth.
    • A dental bridge – fixed partial denture is made of two dental crowns, for teeth on either side of the gap and the replaced tooth (false tooth) that lies in between.
    • Dental bridge is supported by fusion of natural teeth or dental implant or both. Which is firmly cemented with the supporting structures. Hence fixed partial denture (dental bridge) not removable.
    • The dental bridges or fixed dentures are made up of several types of material like porcelain, porcelain fused with metal, gold, metal free Zirconia, robust.
    • Teeth replace by Dental Bridge at Dr Agravat dental clinic Ahmedabad India
  • Dentures: All teeth missing- edentulous jaw. A fixed replacement is known as fixed upper/lower jaw denture. Full fixed dentures are used when there are no teeth in the oral cavity. Fixed dentures are made up of several types of material like acrylic, fiber, high impact, lucitone.

The price of fixed dentures depends on different parameters like the material to be used, skill, experience and expertise of the dentist. The overall cost of fixed dentures is costlier than removable dentures. Anyhow Fixed dentures in India can save overall expenditure up to 65% to 70%.



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what are fixed dentures