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– by Dr Bharat Agravat Implant Dentist India

                         India’s best Dentist Dr Bharat Agravat and team, is currently on a visit to China to promote the upcoming event first time in the world launching ceremony of India’s first android “Dental Tourism India” apps for Smart phones and Tablets in 17 November2012 at Star Cruise in Honkong, after successfully visit to Far East country like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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China medical tourists increase every year, mostly for dental implant and patient’s cosmetic treatment. According to Tourism Bureau, the domestic travel to Shenzhen has increased for medical treatment and dental treatment, dental implant technology, because it is currently the leading domestic and international direct integration for medical and healthcare services. Dr Agravat Healthcare limited is healthcare service provider enterprise group in India. Dr Agravat Healthcare Limited Directors Dr Bharat agravat and Dr Harsha Agravat proceeded towards Shenzhen to specifically visit China’s Dental tourism.

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Dr Bharat Agravat, One of the leading Dental Surgeon, Implantologist and cosmetic surgeon of India, shared his views for innovation in field of dentistry with various Dentists in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China and discussed about single visit Root canal surgery, All-on-4 Dental implants, Fix denture, Denture repair, Dental crown, Dental veneer, Wisdom tooth surgery, Dental bridge and Smile makeover.

The Dr Agravat health care providers will have the highest respect for the patients they serve and our patients will appreciate the quality of the care received and the manner in which it is delivered.

The Dr Bharat Agravat and Associates held a round-table with local guide Miss Jenny and visited various Dental clinics in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. They discussed about medical and Dental tourism and exchanged views of each other. Here we also visit various Education Institute seeking collaboration for education and research, for promotion of dental technology and research and the move towards green dentistry. Dr Agravat Group also visited Splendid China Folk Culture Village, Window of the World, OCT East Park   and the Dameisha Beach.

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