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Smile Makeover by One Touch Smile

  Now Beautiful Celebrity Smile at your finger tipsEnhance your Smile & Straighten your Teeth Appearance….                   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dental Braces FAQ

1. Can adults go for dental braces? Lots of Indian adults are going through the dental braces treatment. It’s certainly not too late to get beautiful smile at any age and maintain your oral hygiene. Dentist Bharat Agravat can help you to decide if Dental braces treatment is the right choice for you. 2. Why […]

Invisible Braces for Adult

Can adults wear braces? It’s never too late to perfect your beautiful smile. An innovative arrangement of accepted orthodontic procedures, Latest advance materials, and innovative believed – Cosmetic dentist Bharat Agravat utilizes specialized invisible braces to gently straighten and align teeth in a regular time of just six months called six month smile. Are you […]

What are Clear Braces? Or Invisible Braces?

The Clear Braces Almost invisible, these advanced invisible braces are a perfect solution for people who want to improve the appearance of their smile without shouting unnecessary care to their teeth in the procedure. Dr Bharat Agravat received Certificate from Dr Maria Orellana, DDS, MSc, PhD. Director of Orthodontics, University of California, Behalf of ClearPath […]

Teeth in an hour by Dr Bharat Agravat Cosmetic Dentist India.

Teeth-In-An-Hour™ or Teeth-in-a-Day is a modern concept by Nobel Bio care. Dr Bharat Agravat implants Dentist India providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure that takes about an hour. How do Teeth in an Hour procedure work? Using a high-tech 3-D scan of your jaw bone structure and 3-D […]

Same Day Teeth Implants

Are you unhappy with your lost, missing teeth or loose denture? Have missing teeth that you’d like to replace teeth? Afraid of getting dental implants because of … Pain, Recovery healing time, Major surgical procedure involved? Dr Bharat Agravat help you, we using a high-tech digital procedure to give you painless and hassle-free same-day dental […]

How to Choose a Best Dentist for Dental Implant

How to Choose a Best Dentist for Dental Implant – Dr Bharat Agravat Selecting the right implant dental surgeon can make the difference between a successful or failed dental implant. The process of putting a dental implant requires a high level of skill and experience to do it the right way. It is important to […]

15 years Experienced Award Winning Cosmetic Implant Dentist Dr. Bharat Agravat, Provides Affordable Dental Treatment Solutions for Local People

Dr Agravat Family Dentistry and Ahmedabad Gujarat Dentist India, Modernization & pleasure in Dentistry the Dr Agravat Clinic is known for its modernization and surgical expertise, backed by more than 14 years of dental treated cases. Dr. Bharat Agravat has been a full-time practitioner since 1999, and continues to advance the clinic’s goal to improve […]

Dental Tourism China

– by Dr Bharat Agravat Implant Dentist India                          India’s best Dentist Dr Bharat Agravat and team, is currently on a visit to China to promote the upcoming event first time in the world launching ceremony of India’s first android “Dental Tourism India” apps for Smart phones and Tablets in 17 November2012 at Star […]

Dental Tourism Macau visited by Dr Bharat Agravat

According to the WHO Macau has one of the best health care facilities in the world. Whether it is eco-tourism, dental tourism, medical tourism, adventure travel, leisure travel, combined with the opportunity to obtain high quality health services in different areas of medical and dental. Macau has built up world class dental tourism industry with […]

How to get white teeth fast! – Just 30 mins!

How to get white teeth fast! – Just 30 mins! By Dentist Bharat Agravat India How to eliminate general ageing yellow, tobacco and smoking stained teeth. Within 30 minutes you can get your teeth dramatically whiter with a pain free, safe by “Laser” teeth whitening treatment at our Teeth Whitening clinic in Ahmedabad. Teeth whitening […]

Facelift Full Dentures demonstrated Magic for Wearers in Gujarat, India

By Dr. Bharat Agravat is a highly-trained and experienced dentist practicing since 1999 with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, best implant and facelift dentures. Facelift dentures occupy complete attention neuromuscular dentistry techniques which rest the dentures on the muscle and prevent the sagging facial look appearance. Dr Agravat Facelift denture offer wearers an alternative that […]

Dr Bharat Agravat Participated in Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit

Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd Director Dr Bharat Agravat is prominently active in the healthcare sector. Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd took part in vibrant summit 2013 to promote healthcare tourism of Gujarat to Worldwide. Dr Bharat Agravat invited by iNDEXTb. With the resounding success of previous vibrant Gujarat summits, the vibrant Gujarat summit 2013 held on […]

What Is Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, or periodontitis, is an advanced type of periodontal disease in which the periodontal ligaments and Jaw bones that support the teeth become inflamed and infected. That infects and damages the bones around the teeth. If Pyorrhea untreated, resulting bone loss could cause loosening/mobile teeth and the eventual loss of teeth. Pyorrhea is a condition […]