Bad breadth, Bleeding Gum Treatment

Dr Bharat Agravat Bad Breath Center best oral care clinic is located in ahmedabad, gujarat in the West of India. The clinic offers international quality oral care and overseas patients are treated at the clinic.

Dr. Bharat Agravat as a dental surgeon practicing since 1999  providing cosmetic dentistry & comprehensive dental diagnosis along with treatment under one roof. He is expert in

Cosmetic dentistry like (1) smile makeover (2) tooth whitening (3) ornamental dentistry- studding diamond (4) replacement of teeth by bridge & dental implant (5) braces- straightening or alignment of crooked teeth (6) laser dentistry (7) composite (tooth colored) fillings (8) fix denture, flexible and metal denture.

Oral surgery like (1) bone grafting (2) flap surgery (3) wisdom tooth removal (4) removal of cyst (5) traumatic injury (6) oral submucous fibrosis (7) root canal surgery.

General dentistry like (1) bleeding gums (2) mobile tooth treatment (3) foul smell (4) child dentistry (5) sleep apnea (6) fluoride therapy (7) dental health during pregnancy (8) oral prophylaxis.


Sign and symptoms of Bleeding gums, Foul smell, Bad breadth

  1. When brushing gums that bleed easily.
  2. Red, swollen or tender gums.
  3. Gums that have pulled away from the teeth.
  4. Blood and Pus between the teeth and gums when the gums are pressed.
  5. Persistent bad breath, bad taste and foul smell.
  6. Teeth become loose, mobile or separating.

 Step-by-step progress of gum diseases:

Normal gum: tissue and bone anchor the teeth firmly in bone.

Swelling of gum-Gingivitis: develops as toxins in plaque irritate the gums, and bleed easily, red, tender, swollen.

Periodontitis: Gums become detached from the teeth, forming pockets. Tooth roots are exposed to plaque and become susceptible to decay and sensitive to cold, air and touch.

Advanced periodontitis: when the teeth mobile because the supporting bone is destroyed. Unless treated, the affected teeth frequently become loose, require removal by a dental surgeon.

 Treatment plan of pyorrhea, gum disease, bad breadth, foul smell & bleeding gum:

Treatment of periodontal diseases depends upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed.

©  Non-Surgical Therapy (1) Scaling (2) Polishing. Removing the plaque and tarter from the root surface of teeth below the gum.

©  Surgical Therapy  Flap Surgery

Dr Agravat Oral care clinic has fully air-conditioned dental clinic at prime location ahmedabad. Clinic has all the ultra modern facilities like (1) two LCD monitor attached with electronically operated dental chairs (2) two ultra sonic scalar machine (3) three led cordless curing light (4) two x-ray machines. Radio Visio Graphic (digital x-rays) (5) zoom tooth whitening (6) two intra-oral camera (7) dental education software (8) sterilization and infection control, auto clave for sterilization, sterilization pouches, two U.V. chamber for sterilization & glass bead sterilizer (9) 24 hours emergency services (10) laboratory facilities for emergency work (11) live chatting and online appointment facility (12) Wi-Fi zone.

Please Visit:

Dr. Bharat Agravat Bad Breath Center best oral care dental clinic since 1999.

UF-2, Mohini tower, B/S Pride Hotel, Near Judges cross road, s.g.highway,

Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380054.Gujarat, India.

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