Root Canal Treatment

“Painless Root Canal Treatment”
Dr. Bharat Agravat Cosmetic & Implant Dental Surgeon practicing since 1999 expert in root canals, multiple root canals in single sitting, fracture broken tooth, post and core buildup and much more.

Dr Agravat use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech equipments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , radiovisuography(RVG) envision ultra modern root canals in a much better feature.


What is a Root Canal?

         “The root canal is the name use to describe the cavity present within the center of the tooth, includes a soft tissue called dental pulp consist of nerves and blood vessels.”

The hollow cavity within tooth also known as pulp chamber which extends down word till the root apex, the extension part is called a canal.

Teeth contain one or multiple canal depend on the teeth

  • Central Incisor, Lateral incisor, Canine has 1 canal.
  • Premolar has one or two canals.
  • Molars have either two, three or four canals.

Extra canal divides out from the main canal called accessory canals.

Single Canal in Lower Right Mandibular Premolar by Dr Bharat Agravat

Single Canal in Lower Right Mandibular Premolar by Dr Bharat Agravat

Three Canal in Lower Right Mandibular Molar by Dr Bharat Agravat.

Three Canal in Lower Right Mandibular Molar by Dr Bharat Agravat.










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A Step-By-Step Guide To Root Canal Treatment…The general sequence of a root canal procedure is as below video see:


Root canal treatment (RCT) procedure to remove infected tooth’s Dental soft tissue like Dental pulp includes nerve and blood vessels which is present in the center of the tooth. After removing the infected dental pulp the canal is bio-mechanically prepared with a dental file to shape and clean the canals of root. After that the canal is filled with the gutta percha material and sealed.

Root canal treatment is done to save a tooth which is badly decayed due to caries, a tooth with periapical abscess, attrited tooth, fractured tooth, traumatic injury, etc.

Today recent technique of root canal treatment saved teeth that would otherwise be lost.

Common Reasons for Root Canals

  • Any traumatic injury,  infection of the tooth will result in the need for root canal therapy. Trauma, such as a chipped, broken and cracked tooth results in the exposure of the nerve.
  • The caries involves the first the enamel part then primary& secondary dentin finally reaches the pulp. If an infected tooth is not treated then it may go under the periapical abscess.
  • The traumatic tooth did not treat immediately then after a long time the symptoms of tooth seems like…discoloration of tooth , a small swelling on the gums on the tooth root apex area, pus discharge which later causes pain and damage surrounding bone and adjacent teeth . This is clear cause which needs root canal treatment.
  • Deeply carious tooth cavity.

Development Of Caries…. Step by step

Root Canal Treatment   Root Canal Treatment  Root Canal Treatment  Root Canal Treatment


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