Diagnosing of Gum Diseases pyorrhea

Periodontal disease Diagnosis.

An instrument called a periodontal probe will be used to determine the gum tissue attachment or development of pockets between your gums and teeth.

An in-dental clinic work-up, consisting of a dental history and a general oral examination, is usually sufficient to diagnose pyorrhea. Dental Surgeon Dr Bharat Agravat examines your gums for pyorrhea.


Periodontal Screening.

  • This procedure measures the depth of gums, to determine if there has been recession of the gum-line. It can be done manually the depth of periodontal pockets can be measured with a periodontal probe with a small mechanical device.
  • Periodontal Screening is usually quick and painless.

IOPA or OPG x-rays: to determine the extent of structural damage to the jaw bones destroyed in mouth