Get Rid of Your Sensitive Teeth

Most of the people in the world suffer from sensitivity of teeth. It occurs when the root of teeth exposes. When person takes Hot, Cold and Sweet foods it increases. It is not age related it can occur at any age. Some people call sensitivity as a tooth pain, Dentinal hypersensitivity.

Enhance your quality of life by treating your sensitive teeth.

Dr. Bharat Agravat as a dental surgeon practicing since 1999 providing cosmetic dentistry & comprehensive dental diagnosis along with treatment under one roof.

The sensitivity also occurs due to wear away of enamel surface of teeth which protect the teeth from sensitivity. The crown portion is covered by enamel while root portion is covered by cementum & gums.

Other causes for Sensitive teeth are:-

  1. Recession of gums: – It occurs due to excessive deposits on teeth like plaque & calculus. Improper alignment of teeth, improper brushing habit.
  2. Improper selection of tooth brush & paste: – Choice of hard bristle tooth brush wears away the enamel surface and gums. Abrasive tooth paste and tooth powder also wear tooth surface.
  3. Foods containing acids: – Acidic food such as carbonated drinks and citrus foods dissolve the tooth surface and expose the dentin surface.
  4. Medical conditions such as Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) leaves the mouth acidic, resulting in dental erosion and dentin sensitivity.

Dentin is composed of thousands of tiny tubules that are filled with fluid. Any contact with the living dentin – such as when we eat and/or drink – causes movement of the fluid in the dentin tubules, which sends impulses back to the nerve. This relay of neurons makes dentin sensitive to any type of direct stimulus. A stream of air, or any contact with exposed dentin causes great discomfort and pain.


At Home: – Use ultra soft bristles tooth brush and Desensitizing tooth paste
At Dental Clinic:-

1. Cleaning and polishing of teeth

2. Application of desensitizer (Gluma desensitizer) and Curing with light

3. If tooth wear is much then Root canal treatment and application of

crown on teeth.

Dr Agravat Oral care clinic has fully air-conditioned dental clinic at prime location ahmedabad. Clinic has all the ultra modern facilities like (1) two LCD monitor attached with electronically operated dental chairs (2) two ultra sonic scalar machine (3) three led cordless curing light (4) two x-ray machines. Radio Visio Graphic (digital x-rays) (5) zoom tooth whitening (6) two intra-oral camera (7) dental education software (8) sterilization and infection control, auto clave for sterilization, sterilization pouches, two U.V. chamber for sterilization & glass bead sterilizer (9) 24 hours emergency services (10) laboratory facilities for emergency work (11) live chatting and online appointment facility (12) Wi-Fi zone.

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