Dentist Dental Clinic Open During lockdown Covid 19 in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Dentist Dental Clinic open during lockdown

We are all familiar with the coronavirus and lockdown in India and other parts of the world due to this disease. People are requested by the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji to stay at home and not to go outside if it is not essential or for health reasons. This will most likely continue until June at least.

Visiting A Dental Clinic During Lockdown Period For Treatment Of Dental Problem – Is It Safe For Us?

Keys to Successful High-Level Disinfection And Sterilisation @ Dr Bharat Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad …
Dr Bharat Agravat top Dentist Dental Clinic open during  lockdown near me Covid 19 in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

The high-level disinfection (HLD) process kills all vegetative microorganisms, mycobacteria, lipid and non-lipid viruses, fungal spores, and some bacterial spores.

Coronavirus Lockdown: All Dental clinics in India to open from May 18

All social distancing norms will be strictly followed inside the clinic. Patients should compulsorily wear a mask while entering clinics and accompanying persons should be avoided except in cases of children, and elderly patients. The dental clinics …

Patients with symptoms of fever, cough, cold, sore throat, shortness of breath and loss of smell and taste sensation should not visit any dental clinic and get themselves checked in the nearest fever clinic. Indian Dental Association has urged all de…

Enhanced Safety Protocols combatting 2019-nCoV under WHO guidelines to ensure 100% sterile clinic for staff, patients and attendants.

Dr Bharat Agravat Dentist has been a pioneer in setting benchmarks to ensure the safety of its Patients, Doctors, Dental Assistants and other Clinical Staff.

Sterilization and Safety has always been our top priority across my clinic. After considering the Standard Operating Procedures and advisories issued by various regulatory bodies; Dr Bharat Agravat have established Enhanced Safety Protocols combatting 2019-nCoV referred to as possible Safety @ Dr Bharat Agravat.
  • Online Consultation: Sharing your Medical, Dental and travel history prior to Appointment. Pre-treatment Protocols follow before and during the visit to the clinic. You can reach Dr Bharat Agravat for your dental health needs on Tele-consultation. To book an appointment click here >> Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Connected.
  • Hand-Sanitising Protocols. We use Sterillium® Alcohol Rub-in Hand Disinfectant( Awarded “Brand of the Century”, Germany)
  • Using infrared thermometer to measure body temperature: Monitor your body temperature while you are having a fever in a hygienic way with the help of Woodpecker® infrared thermometers.
  • Oxygen level monitoring : Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive and painless test that measures your oxygen saturation level, or the oxygen levels in your blood.
  • Mouth rinsing by Ramadine® 5% for Excellent antimicrobial activity.
  • Frequent Disinfection of all Surfaces and Equipment: Regular disinfection of all surfaces and types of equipment coming in human contact is ensured by Bacillol® 25 Ready to use, Surface & Equipment.
  • Sterilization Protocol: Sterilization and Disinfection Procedure in Preventive and Specialist Dentistry Care. Sterilization is achieved by Class B – Pre-vacuum autoclaves.
  • Aerosol Removal, Air Purifying and External Motorised High-Suction Machine: Special high technology equipment Scitech Airon installed in the clinics to reduce the aerosols generated during the treatment. This technology uses high suction strength, coupled with special filters like the high fibre Cotton filter, fibre glass filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filters to clean the air and reduce the risk of infection.
  • UV Light (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Technologies : UV Light Disinfection Chambers set up in clinics have light sources of 40-60 watts and are used for disinfecting day-to-day item like napkins, cloth items, N95/KN95 masks, tubings etc.
  • PPE kit for Dentists and Dental Assistants to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between patients, thereby ensuring patient and staff safety.
  • Online Appointment and Complete medical records: Records the entire journey of the patient starting from their first visit. This is to ensure high-quality treatment and patient safety.
  • Everyday Clinic Fumigation by Korsolex® Plus: Fumigated multiple times in a day to ensure the elimination of all forms of microbial life including viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.
  • Accept Digital Payments also Offer EMI facility at 0%
  • Responsible Bio-Medical Waste Disposal as per WHO guidelines.

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Dr Bharat Agravat Dentist Dental Clinic Open During lockdown Covid 19 in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

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