Dr Agravat oral habit breaking Center Ahmedabad, India

What are the different habits that can be seen in children?

  • thumb sucking,
  • finger biting,
  • nail biting,
  • lip biting,
  • mouth breathing,
  • tongue thrusting etc.,

What are habit breaking appliances?

These are appliances that are made by a Dental Surgeon in dental laboratory to combat the above habits in children. They can be either a fixed appliance or removable appliance type.

  • Oral Screen: Habit breaking appliance for Mouth breathing.
  • Tongue –thrusting: Habit breaking appliance.
  • Thumb-sucking: Habit Breaking appliance
  • Permanent tooth to erupt in place if milk tooth has removed naturally or extracted early recommended – SPACE MAINTAINERS.


SCALING OF TEETH: If deposition of plaque or tarter recommended.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Remember that the teeth of babies who sleep with a bottle of milk, formula or fruit juice in their mouth can suffer from decay known as Milk Bottle Tooth Decay. So the bottle should be removed as soon as the feed is over and do not use the bottle as a pacifier.



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