Dental Implant Placement Procedure

Dental Implant Placement is a Single sitting half an hour painless procedure, after that implant needs a period of Osteointegration.

It is a process by which the dental implant anchors to the jaw bone. Now days Osteointegrated implants are the more popularly and successful type of dental implant so commonly used. An Osteointegrated implant takes three to six months of duration to anchor and heal with jaw bone, till that time Dr Agravat and Team can complete the procedure by placing a crown restoration.

   Step by step Dental Implant Placement Procedure is as follows:

Preparing the edentulous jaw site for Implantation:

  • Dentists use surgical guides created based on the Denta scans when placing the dental implants.
  • A small-diameter hole is drilled at where there is no tooth site in order to guide the titanium screw that holds a dental implant in place.
  • Implant dental surgeon must use great skill and expertise when boring the small-diameter hole and sizing the jaw bone.

Placement of the Implant:

  • After the initial small-diameter hole drilled into the appropriate tooth site, it is slowly broaden to allow placement of the implant screw.
  • After implant placement and tighten the cover screw is placed on implant and the surrounding gum is secured on implant and sutured. Wait till tooth site to heal and osseointegration to occur.
  • After three to six months of healing period, Dr Agravat will uncover the implant and attach an abutment “which grip the crown-tooth-like replace” to the implant. For single implant cases, the abutment may be attached during the same day procedure.
  • On an abutment Dr Agravat will give a temporary crown. Crown act as a guide on which the gum grows and takes a shape natural way
  • The last process by which temporary crown is replaced by permanent new crown/Bridge/Denture.

Summery…..Dental Implant Procedure:

Normally it’s a matter of 3 Painless sittings.

1)      1st  sitting – initial assessment, Dental CT Scan, medical history & clinical examination.

2)      2nd  sitting – painless placement of dental implant in only 30 min.

3)      3rd  sitting – place temporary crowns for a period of 4-6 months to be subsequently changed to ceramic crowns/bridges.


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