Braces vs Invisalign

Braces vs Invisalign

Metal Braces Vs Invisible Clear Braces Patient Stories, invisalign reviews before and after, by Cosmetic Dentist India Dr Bharat Agravat and Famous Orthodontist Dr. Vaibhav Pareek, If you are considering this option, hope this video helps you.

The invisible clear braces are one of the best orthodontic dental treatments for people who have crooked teeth and gap between teeth.

Real Reviews & Story Experience with Invisible Clear Braces….Cosmetic dentist Ahmedabad India Dr Bharat Agravat’s patient share her experience with invisible clear braces and her quick treatment! Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bharat Agravat is the India’s leading certified clear aligner’s provider and has completed more cases than any other dentist or orthodontist in the India. If you’re looking for an Invisible braces dentist in Ahmedabad, Dr Agravat will be pleased to help offer you personalized advice and recommendations about how you could benefit from the amazing benefits which invisible braces can now offer anyone looking for teeth straightening treatments.

Invisible Braces Process Require only 1 day visit If the patient stays out of Ahmedabad or India the invisible braces aligners can be shipped to the patient’s doorstep.

Invisalign braces pros and cons
Invisible braces are nearly unnoticeable, so people can’t define that you going through orthodontic treatment and you can remove them for eating, brushing and for social events and easy to maintain oral hygiene comparative to traditional braces. Invisible braces will not irritate or injure cheek or lips like traditional braces.
Patient’s compliance is must as Invisible braces must be worn for the suggested 22 hours per day for perfect result and on time finish of treatment. Patient’s compliance is less of an issue as traditional braces are fixed and can only be removed by dentist.

difference between Invisalign braces and regular braces or Metal Braces vs Clear Aligners

Invisible Clear Braces Regular Braces
Invisible Visible
Removable Non Removable – Fix
Transparent and almost invisible to the naked eye Metal Braces & Wire Visible.
Reduced Dental chair side time. Require more chair side time.
No need of routine dental clinic visit so for a wire tightening. Have to come at dental clinic every 3 to 4 weeks.
Maintenance of Oral hygiene is easy. Difficult to maintain oral hygiene because of fixed metal braces.
You can remove your clear braces when you eat, drink, brush and floss Feeling uncomfortable when you eat, drink, brush and floss
Final Result can be visualized before treatment start Final Result cannot be visualized


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how much is braces cost

The latest update is that most peoples are satisfyingly amazed to find out that the cost of clear braces orthodontic treatment is usually comparable to the cost of traditional bracket & wire braces.
Of course, Dr Bharat Agravat will be able to fully determine your treatment cost, which is based on your exact requirements. These reasons can include the difficulty of your case, how long your treatment time duration will take. Even your age can have an effect on the price of treatment. how much does invisalign cost for top teeth only…..

The cost of invisible braces treatment ranges from 90,000/- to 2,50,000/- INR.

Remember to consider about the advantages of clear braces!

* Having straight teeth could help you to improve your self-confidence and looks.
* Straighter teeth are beneficial for your better oral health.
*  And who knows, with that entire beautiful smile you’re going to do, it might lead to the perfect job or mate!
Another way to cover the invisible braces cost is to pay with a credit card. Our dental clinic Ahmedabad accepts a variety of credit cards as a convenience for patients.

Invisible Braces Patient Financing easy EMI Plans

We are always looking for the most accessible dental treatment financing solution so that you can access required oral care if you cannot afford the dental services up front. So we have flexible payment option available to our valued dental orthodontic patients. Easy monthly installments up to 12 months.

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invisalign vs braces which is faster,
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Braces vs Invisalign in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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